We are classically trained pastry chefs and believe in celebrating flavour.  We use only the best quality ingredients available.   Chocolates from Europe, Madagascar vanilla beans, Meyer lemons and fresh Niagara fruits, dairy and honey.

Our favourite pairings. Both classic and timeless and unique and adventurous.

VANILLA - madagascar vanilla bean cake, classic vanilla cream

LEMON- madagascar vanilla bean cake, meyer lemon curd and fresh niagara raspberries

CHOCOLATE BLACKOUT - deep chocolate cake, valhrona chocolate truffle, cocoa buttercream

CARROT CAKE - classic carrot cake, philidephia cream cheese frosting

RED VELVET - red velvet cake, philidelphia cream cheese frosting, swiss chocolate truffle

COCONUT - delicate coconut sponge, key lime curd, coconut milk buttercream

COUNTRY APPLE - niagara apple cake, whipped sweetened goat cheese 

BANANA - golden banana cake, valhrona chocolate ganache, salted caramel

ORANGE NUT - orange filbert cake, espresso ganache, cocoa buttercream

ALMOND - almond sponge, niagara honey buttercream, pistachio, sea salt

STRAWBERRIES AND CHAMPAGNE - strawberry studded cake, strawberry preserve, white chocolate ganache, fresh niagara strawberries and champagne

EARL GREY - bergamot infused cake, grapefruit candied blackberries, lavender scented buttercream

CABERNET - chocolate cabernet cake, valrhona spiced ganache, cabernet buttercream, pomegranate molasses


gluten free and dairy free options are available 


"Come to your senses"   we would love for you to come in and sample three or four of the flavours that interest you.